A. Music industry professionals whose majority of business activity is directly related to the recording, live performance, or music video industries.


B. Creative and/or technical professionals in the music industry who do not have the required credits or documentation for Voting membership.

All Applicants must demonstrate a commitment to pursuing a professional music industry career.

Applicants are required to substantiate their career through an online/web presence, marketing materials or other documentation such as:

  • Company website
  • Press
  • Publicly available information
  • Band/artist website
  • Tour dates
  • Documented sales/chart information
  • Other documentation that substantiates their career in the industry

The Academy recommends that applicants submit as much documentation as possible.

* Please note — additional documentation may be requested if any of the above does not clearly demonstrate that applicants spend the majority of their business activity in the recording, live performance or music video industries.

A one-year membership begins at $100. The Recording Academy approves membership at its sole discretion based on the assessment of the material submitted.

I Meet the Above Requirements