Music, even in its simplest form, involves multiple elements working together, each tone just as crucial as the others. Individually, it is a note. Collectively it is power. The common running thread through the music community, regardless of your role in it, is our passion and respect for the power of music. It drives us in the creative process, galvanizes us to fight for our legal rights and protections, and inspires us to pass on our knowledge to the next generation. It transcends genres, geography, and professions. As the collective voice of the Recording Academy, that power increases exponentially.

This is your opportunity to add your voice to ours. Take a moment to learn about becoming a member.

Membership Types

The Recording Academy offers three types of membership: Voting, Associate and Student. Each membership type has its own qualification criteria.

Voting Member

Voting membership is for creative and technical professionals who qualify in at least one of the categories of eligibility.

All recordings must be commercially available in the U.S. either through traditional distribution channels or recognized online retailers/streaming services.

Associate Member

Associate membership is for music industry professionals whose majority of business activity is directly related to the recording, live performance, or music video industries.

This membership is also for creative and/or technical professionals in the music industry who do not have the required credits or documentation for Voting membership.

Student Member

Student membership (aka GRAMMY U) is for students, primarily between ages 17 to 25, who are currently enrolled full-time in a college, university, or trade school with a desire to work in the recording industry upon graduation.

Please contact the Membership Department at 866.794.3391 to request a print application.