GRAMMY Marks User Acceptance

For any questions regarding the use of the stickers/banners please email

I acknowledge by acceptance of this agreement to abide by the regulations/ restrictions set forth by The Recording Academy when using their official designated GRAMMY Nominee and Winner sticker artwork and online banners. LICENSE: The Recording Academy hereby grants to label, artist or artist management the non-exclusive limited right and license to use the design stickers/banners incorporating the GRAMMY marks, solely in the form they are presented, solely for the purposes of promoting GRAMMY Nominated and/or Winning artists/works in the form of printed stickers for affixation upon the packaging of audio-only physical records (as such term is normally understood in the music industry) offered for sale by Label (and its affiliates) as set forth within. Label, artist or artist management may NOT sublicense, assign or transfer its right to use the design logo/banners. GRAMMY STICKERS / BANNERS: Label, artist or artist management shall not modify or alter the design stickers/banners and each use of the stickers/banners in connection with the GRAMMY stickers or banners shall contain only the design, in its entirety, with no additional language and shall comply with this agreement and the usage rules and style guides that The Recording Academy may provide to Label, artist or artist management from time-to-time and shall only be affixed or displayed upon those records or websites of those artists/works that are the subject of an award for their respective GRAMMY program year. REQUIRED MARKINGS: Label, artist or artist management shall display in connection with each use of the design stickers/banners all markings and notices required by law or as requested by The Recording Academy. OWNERSHIP OF MARKS: Label’s, artist’s, artist’s management use of the design stickers/banners shall inure exclusively to the benefit of The Recording Academy. All rights of The Recording Academy not expressly granted to Label, artist or artist management herein are expressly reserved to The Recording Academy. MISCELLANEOUS: This agreement contains the complete understanding of the parties. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of California. Either party may earlier terminate if the other party materially breaches this agreement. Label, artist or artist management shall not assign this agreement or any of its rights hereunder. This agreement may be executed in any number of counterparts. Label, artist and/or artist management and The Recording Academy accept the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement.